Professor Anita Shapira

Professor Anita Shapira (Enlarge)
Professor Shapira is a Professor Emerita of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University and was formerly Dean of the University’s Faculty of Humanities. She was the head of the Weizmann Institute for the Study of Zionism and received the Israel Prize for the Study of the History of the Jewish People in 2008.
Professor Shapira is a foremost researcher of the history of the Yishuv in the 20th century, and has written and investigated the subject of attitudes toward the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors. She taught many research students and served in many positions in the public sector.
Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1940, she survived the Holocaust. In 1947, she came to Israel on a ma’apilim ship.
Married, the mother of three and grandmother of five, she lives in Tel Aviv.
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