Volunteer Activity

The "A Flower for a Survivor" program was designed to bring together the young generation and Holocaust survivors living in Israel, the program is mostly funded by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future. For some of the youths the meetings constitute a first exposure to personal testimonies from that horror. For their part, the survivors have someone who will listen and show understanding, they experience a personal, warm and loving contact and precious moments of joy. There is no doubt that the meetings give the young people new points of view on the history of the Jewish people, on old age, and on values of altruism, compassion and giving.

School pupils, students and national service girls visit the Holocaust survivors once a week during the school year. At the meetings, issues such as family, old-age, culture, current affairs and, of course, the Holocaust period are discussed. The students and the survivors also take walks together, watch TV programs, play cards, cook, and attend cultural events.

The volunteer visits are supplemented by regular group and individual guidance. The object of the guidance is to promote joint reflection, to involve all the volunteers in experiences, and to discuss dilemmas and internal conflicts that arise following the meetings with the Holocaust survivors.

Other student volunteer workshops are devoted to study of relevant subjects, including history of the World War II period, personal experiences of Holocaust survivors, old age and family. The students visit the Ghetto Fighters' House.

Foundation coordinators organize and plan the student volunteers' activities and maintaining relations with the survivors, in conjunction with coordinators of the schools' "personal commitment" program and principals of the schools participating in the program.

How can I volunteer?

There are two main kinds of volunteering for the Holocaust survivors:one-time visits, mainly before Jewish holidays or special events, and long-term relations including regular visits over time.There are several groups that you can join as a volunteer:youth volunteers in the "A Flower for a Survivor" project, service year for National Service girls, IDF officers and soldiers, adult volunteers, volunteering of companies and organizations.

For more information, please contact: info@k-shoa.org

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