Info for H.S and their families

Information on volunteer opportunities

Visiting: one-year Volunteering at least in adult volunteers, are in permanent contact on a weekly basis with the survivors. In the meet, volunteers and survivors talking, traveling together, watch TV shows, play cards, cook and go out together for cultural events. Volunteering is at the survivor (also possible assisted living or nursing home).

Connected: Holocaust survivors connection technology. Holocaust survivors who want to learn to use computers and the Internet can get volunteers from the Foundation to teach them how to use a computer. Survivors who have no access to a computer, the fund will be able to ask to stay in their home computer (provided certain criteria for testing and making regular volunteer). The project takes place in two formats: one, in conjunction ORT, volunteers and other high school students through adult volunteers from the Foundation. The project is taking place nationwide. Information and clarification of eligibility, please contact the Fund
Assistance to individual needs: volunteers who are willing to make a one-time activities such as transportation, home repair small things etc. ..

  Want to volunteer? Contact us: 03-6090866

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