Free Glasses for eligible Holocaust Survivors

Optometrist Claude Samuel from Tel Aviv turned to the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel with his offer to donate glasses to needy Holocaust survivors. Claude is an experienced and well-known optometrist, who donates to people in need - and specifically to Holocaust survivors. Mr. Samuel will bear 100% of the donation’s cost and for that we are very grateful.

Those likely to be qualified for this project must meet the following conditions:

  • Pension recipients from Germany, the Finance Ministry and the Article 2 Fund. (The correct Certificates of Approval must be provided).
  • Those with a monthly income of less than 9,727.73 shekels.
  • Submitting a request:
  • Fill out the forms and send them to the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust victims in Israel; include all required documentation. (To download the forms click here).
  • Once the request has been reviewed and approved by a Public Committee made up of Holocaust survivors, the applicant’s details will be given to Claude Samuel’s clinic to set up an appointment.

In order to have an eye check-up and receive glasses, the survivor will have to visit Claude Samuel’s clinic in Tel Aviv.

Submitting a request for glasses does not guarantee anything. The inventory is limited; requests will be answered based on their order of arrival.

On behalf of the entire Holocaust survivors’ community, the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust victims in Israel would like to thank Mr. Claude Samuel for his great generosity in donating glasses to Holocaust survivors.

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