Living in Dignity - Mobile Renovation Units for Holocaust Survivors

Through the Living in Dignity - Mobile Renovation Units for Holocaust Survivors program, the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims is restoring both homes and dignity. Many Holocaust survivors who live solely on State benefits and must make the decision to use their meager monthly budget for either food or medication cannot begin to think of even the simplest home repairs or renovations. Often lacking family support and social networks these elderly citizens live alone in dire physical conditions that exacerbate their psychological distress and loneliness.

The Living in Dignity program consists of a mobile renovation unit that goes to the home of each Holocaust survivor and carries out on-site renovations and repairs. For some, it is a basic facelift that includes painting and massive cleaning. For others, it can be massive electrical or plumbing repairs. With a dedicated crew, most of the renovations can be done in one day. However, for some, like bathroom renovations and a simple crack that requires intensive repairs to fix the wall and then put in new tiles, it can be a few days.

 During the time of the renovation and/or repairs, a Foundation volunteer takes the resident out of his/her home and provides alternative activities for the day. For those who need overnight assistance, the Foundation arranges for them to participate in activities and stay at a local senior center with the assistance of the Welfare Ministry's Social Services department.

 The home renovations and repairs are carried out by a trustworthy and accomplished workman who has the skills to do the basic repairs and can outsource the specialty work such as plumbing, tiling, electricity, to a capable crew. The service people chosen for the program give reduced prices, while at the same time doing high quality work.

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