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New report paints grim picture of Israel's Holocaust survivors - LA TIMES 13.04.2015

Report: Israel only has five years left for a nationwide push to aid Holocaust survivors - J.P 01/2014

Struggling Holocaust survivors in Israel say gov’t must do more - JTA, By Ben Sales

Dichter: Foundation for Holocaust survivors needs private donors - The Jerusalem Post 31.10.2013

Grapevine: A woman true to her word

Adopt a Safta by the E.V.Z

Adopt-A-Safta pairs young professionals and Holocaust survivors - 11/12/2012

The Jerusalem Post - 30/10/2012

Every hour another Holocaust survivor dies - Israel Today Magazine 16.04.2012

Needs of aging Holocaust survivor population are greater than ever - Jerusalem Post 17.04.2012

Inauguration of British Club for Holocaust survivors

16/02/2012 16:40

British envoy opens first of seven Holocaust survivor clubs in Israel

16/02/2012 16:40

Ambassador raises $1.5 M. for Holocaust survivors-JP 14.2.12

16/02/2012 10:30

British ambassador raises 1.5$m. for Israel's Holocaust survivors - The Jerusalem Post 14.02.2012

Those helping Holocaust survivors to be honored - The Jerusalem Post 05.02.2012

Haredi use of Holocaust symbols at protest garners widespread condemnation - The Jerusalem Post 02.01.2012

Ambassador opens social club for Holocaust survivors

16/02/2012 16:40

Head of Holocaust Welfare Fund: Ban Yellow Star - Arutz Sheva

Government Holocaust foundation looks abroad for funds - Jerusalem Post

IDF fighters adopt Shoah survivors - YNET 29.09.2011

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