Case Management

The Foundation encounters every day needy survivors with special needs, usually lonely, who need social and individual assistance.

The rationale for the establishment of the department for social and individual care- is the implementation of integrative therapy approach, in which a Holocaust survivor receives an overall answer from one person, including holistic, and that person is responsible for utilization, coordination and cooperation between the various professionals involved in treating it.

This treatment method came to give another layer frame of the extensive help by the foundation, which can not always focus on unique personal needs of Holocaust survivors and complex cases, requiring extensive energy for a single applicant.

The Foundation has embraced the recommendations of the "Dorner" Commission and works to implement the "The Reaching out Model" which is built on" Exit Area ". Identifying needy Holocaust survivors who can not fend for extracting their rights and actively reaching out to them and the survivor is in the center, transparency and notification about rights. Mobility of staff in the department allows an immediate response when and where required, providing a suitable solution for the needs of the survivors.


The Department is working in the field of Tel-Aviv, Haifa and the surrounding area and the area of Beersheba. The Department works in cooperation with local authority welfare departments, health system services and community service providers.


Criteria for the services to Holocaust survivors in the Department

  1. Holocaust survivors who lack informal / inadequate    support system or limited system.
  2. Holocaust survivors who have difficulty functioning in different areas (complex needs), and for providing a range of intervention services for more than one factor:
  • Distress: economic and / or mentally.
  • Are not able to exhaust their rights because of their medical condition - functional condition.
  • Homeless survivors in need of immediate housing arrangement.

To contact or to report an elderly who needs help please contact:

The service center 03-6090866




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