Dr. Meggie Navon

Dr. Meggie Navon (Enlarge)
Dr. Meggie Navon’s father was a Mauthausen concentration camp survivor, and her mother was an Etzel fighter.
Dr. Navon is a doctor of epidemiology, with a child development specialist.
She headed the Neuro-Developmental Department in an Early Childhood Treatment Clinic and a lecturer at “Childhood Treatment Clinic” in the Medical School of Tel Aviv University. For sixteen years, she served as vise president for North-America at the Tel Aviv Foundation.
In the early 1980s, she was one of the founders of the “Israel Forum”, which strengthened the ties between Israelis and the Jewish all over the world, and established the “Reut” project, which brought together veteran Israeli families with new immigrant families, young people and lone soldiers.
Married to Yoav, the mother of three and grandmother of six, she lives in Ra’anana.
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