Israel Ben-Haim

Israel Ben-Haim was born in Israel in 1948 to Yakov (Polack) and Chana (Ackerman) Ben-Haim, who were Holocaust survivors.
Married to Galia, he is the father of two sons, and a grandfather, and lives in Ra’anana.
He holds the rank of Lt. Col. (res.) in the Israel Air Force, and served as a pilot and then squadron leader. He was awarded an IAF Commander Citation.
He was a Jewish National Fund emissary to Toronto, Canada, and raised funds and assets in the Jewish community.
He served as the Israel Airports Authority’s Deputy Director-General of Operations and, for five years, as the Director-General of Ben Gurion Airport.
Later, he was appointed Director-General of Israir and Kamor Vehicles.
He holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Haifa, and attended advanced studies at RAF Staff College at Bracknell, England.
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