Vigda Erna Kerzer


Vigda Erna Kerzer

 As second generation Holocaust survivor, she made Aliyah from Romania in the 1950s.

Since 1964, she’s been a community activist working on issues related to underprivileged populations, and more specifically, to Holocaust survivors.

 Community Involvement:

  • 2010-present:Active member,Public Board for Request Approvals,The Caritate Fund (A foundation for Romanian immigrants).
  • 2010-present:Chairman,The Association of Romanian Olim in Haifa
  • 2009-present: Active member,Public Board for Request Approvals,Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel.
  • 2003-present:Active member,The Association of Romanian Olim in Haifa.
  • 2002-present:Member, The Israeli Parliamentary Association for Holocaust Remembrance and Aid to Survivors.
  • 1999- 2002:Member,The Center for Holocaust Survivor Organizations in Jerusalem
  • 1996-2002:Active member, The Aid Organization for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa 
  • 1982-1994:Volunteer, The Zahavi Movement (An aid organization for families with multiple children).
  • 1964-present: Activist for Holocaust survivors.
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