Batia Rapaport


Member of Committee of the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel since 2007.

Born in Warsaw and was in the Warsaw Ghetto together with her parents. The family subsequently escaped to the Arian side of the city and hid in various villages in the area.

Senior social worker, worked at the "Carmel" Medical Center in Haifa, also serving in counseling and instruction functions at the Health and Welfare Faculty of the University of Haifa. An expert on health-related issues, serves as chairperson of the Sulam Program steering committee, helped survivors after hospitalization with funds provided by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel; coordinates the committee that provides the foundation with professional consultation; chairperson of the Haifa and North branch of the "Yesh" organization for children and orphans Holocaust survivors. From 2000 has been active in various professional and organizational settings on behalf of the population of Holocaust survivors.

Studies and academic degrees: BA degree in Social Work from Temple University, Philadelphia, U.S.; studies towards BA degree at the University of Haifa; Studies towards MA degree in Social Work at the University of Haifa; Studies in cognitive behavioral therapy and medical psychology at the Tel-Aviv University course for advanced studies. Married with three children.

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