Moshe Haelyon


Moshe HaElyon has been a member of the foundation since 2001.

He was transported with his family from Thessaloniki, Greece, to Auschwitz, where they arrived there on April 13-14, 1943. He remained in this camp, doing various types of labor, until evacuation of the camp in January 1943. He took part in two death marches. Later he was incarcerated in Mauthausen, Malchow, and Avenze, where he was liberated in May 1945.

Mr. HaElyon is a member of the Governing Councils of the following institutions: Yad Vashem, the Center of Survivor Organizations in Israel, the Reccanatti Old Age Home, and the Association of Greek Holocaust Survivors of Nazi Death Camps in Israel.

Mr. HaElyon was employed by the IDF and the defense forces until retiring in December 1990. He received his Masters in the Humanities from the University of Tel-Aviv.

He is married and has a son and daughters and six grandchildren.

Mr. HaElyon occupies himself with writing poetry and prose in Ladino and with translations from this language.

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