What We Do

The Foundation's Aid Channels

The Foundation's aid activity in Israel is unique; there is no parallel, in the scope or the fields of assistance, to the aid the Foundation supplies for the entire survivor population.

The Foundation runs five main aid programs for qualified needy survivors:

1. Nursing Hours

The Foundation regularly funds nine hours of in-home nursing care weekly for over 19,000 Holocaust survivors.

2. Emergency alarm buttons

The Foundation funds emergency life buttons for 10.000 needy Holocaust survivors and their husbands/wives; this service includes subsidized doctor visits, ambulance transportation, and security patrols for survivors living alone or with a health problem.

3. Individual grants

The Foundation grants aid in the form of partial reimbursement of vital products, such as:dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, drugs not covered by the healthcare package, walkers.Currently, because of budgetary distress only one grant is given to each survivor.

4. Short-term nursing hours

This aid channel is for Holocaust survivors who were hospitalized unexpectedly, for example after a stroke or a hip fracture, and after their discharge from hospital they return home but are unable to take care of themselves.

5. Volunteer Activity

The Foundation runs several volunteer programs for visits to Holocaust survivors by young people and Israel Defense Force soldiers.These visits accomplish two goals:widening the social network of Holocaust survivors living alone and providing the youth with the precious educational values of Holocaust remembrance and helping others. The Foundation has provided assistance in this channel for one thousand survivors.

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